1.centre.s.o.s 2018


1.CENTRE S.O.S. is a association.




The current project is to combine health and sports in the same management holistically.

SEITAI, the term means " body positioned with precision".


This combination allows to combine

health and sport with SEITAI minds

under one roof in the mountains and by the lake


The association develops in holistic directed centre health and sport which has for will and purpose.

  • Promote

  • Prevention

  • Coaching

  • Education

  • Training

  • Intervention

With all types of population and clientele 


The association follow those goals


The health

Sport (as a sports club).

Solidarity and camaraderie among its members


The "health" is used to indicate all the ways and interventions aiming to favourably influence  the health(ex: healthy diet,manual therapy,educated therapy,etc.).


The "sport" is used to indicate all the adapted physical activity, the sports and performance physical activity and all ways or intervention aiming to favourably influence the health and promote the realization of physical activity.(ex:sliding sport , martial arts, nordic walking,etc.)


In summary: The purpose of association is to promote, prevent, mentor, teach, to train, to intervene in the areas of health, sports (such sports club) and solidarity and camaraderie among its members.


« Conscience of the health through movement», to become an actor of his health.




Are allowed 1.CENTRE.S.O.S association of ladies and gentlemen, in accordance with member classes.


Type of membership


  • Daily member  or Annual member

    • Junior member

    • Senior member

    • Veteran member

    • Family member

    • Group member

    • Organization/ foundation/ school/ business member

  • Donor member

  • Partnership/ other association members


Persons wishing to become a member or have more information do not hesitate

to contact  1.CENTRE.S.O.S.